Night at the Drive-Ins

Last weekend, Austin and I had an amazing idea (if I do so say myself): a night at the drive-in movies! First off, I’m so glad these still exist, and of all the places in the world Midland, TX has one of the best drive-ins I’ve ever seen. Lucky for us!

We created our own little blanket fort in the back of Austin’s car, complete with pillows, popcorn, sodas, and of course cheeze-its for Austin (check out our supplies below). And we finally got a chance to use our picnic basket!! Which makes me unbelievable happy :)

We spent the night watching “Inside Out” (which was so good!) and just enjoying the summer night and each other’s company. Austin may have fallen asleep halfway through it, and I may have (happily) cried before the movie even started — I mean, come on, that short film at the beginning, “I Lava You”, was soo sweet — but I could not have wished for a better night with my man. Thank you, Midland!

our drive-in essentials


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