Our Week in Destin, Florida

Last month, Austin and I took some time off for a much needed vacation to Destin, Florida. It was so great to spend time with not only each other, but our family and even friends who we hadn’t seen in so long. The whole week was spent lounging on the beach with Austin continuously on the hunt for crabs or jellyfish or sting rays, you name it. The boys even took a day to do a fishing trip.

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We also spent some time in Seaside, which is the most perfect community ever. We shopped, ate, and just hung out. And I even found the most amazing raw food shop (randomly) with the best raw chocolate dessert I’ve had!! Seriously, I went back three times just to get more.

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Our last day there we did some exploring, played with the seagulls (obvis), and had an awesome meal next to the water. I’m still having a hard time looking at shrimp because of how much we ate :) but it was so worth it.


Of course, the week ended too fast but we enjoyed every minute of it. Until next time, Florida. We love you!



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Colorblock Glitter Pumpkins

GLITTER! GOLD! PUMPKINS! I am so excited about this little Fall craft, especially just in time for Halloween! Plus it’s incredibly easy. It literally took all of 10 minutes plus drying time. I used gold glitter from Walmart, but auburn or black would look awesome as well.

Being back in Oklahoma the last few weeks has been a bit of a roller coaster. There have been some surprises, good and bad, but the best part has been getting to see my best buds so much. Really, they’re the best. And with it being October and all we just had to do some pumpkin crafting, am I right?

Colorblock Glitter Pumpkins

Total: 10 Minutes + Drying Time


glitter, color of your choice
painters tape
mod podge
foam or paintbrush


1. Tape off a line around your pumpkin where you want the glitter to come up to.
2. Using your brush, mod podge the entire pumpkin below your tape line.
3. Sprinkle glitter generously as you go, making sure to cover all the mod podged area.
4. Shake off excess glitter and make touch ups on any spots you’ve missed.
5. Let your pumpkins completely dry, ideally overnight.
6. At this point, you may want to apply another coat of mod podge to seal in the glitter. The mod podge will dry clear and won’t be noticeable at all, promise!


Craft adapted from The Farmer’s Daughter.


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